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Class "A" in Cab Air Brake Test
(the test should be preformed on level ground or block the wheel


Static Brake Test

  1. Build air pressure until to max.

  2. Turn Engine Off

  3. Release the both parking brakes  (Keeping your foot off service (foot) brake)


Applied Brake Test

  1. Then apply with the brake pedal with 90 psi or more. (make sure the parking brake is released before applying pressure)
    After the initial pressure drop,  time for 1 minute pressure should not fall more than 4 psi for combination vehicles "A"


Low Air Warning Test

  1. If you have not already done so turn key on, but do not start engine.

  2. Fan service (foot) brake, until air warning buzzer or
    light comes on (
    this must activate at or above 60 psi)
    be sure your foot does not touch the foot pedal before you have electric power before starting this test)


Emergency Brake Test

  1. You may turn the key off to stop the warning buzzer, then fan the
    service (foot) brake until the both emergency brakes engage. (
    This should happen between 20 - 45 psi)

Governor Cut in/out test

  1. Start Engine, bring rpm to 1000 - 1200 rpm

  2. Measure the governor cut-in by timing the pressure build-up between 85 psi to 100 psi (it must gain these 15 psi within 45 sec. or less)

  3. Measure the governor cut-out by building the air pressure until you hear it max out (this should happen between 100 psi and 125 psi),  the  cut out part of the test need not be timed.


Park Brake Test

  1. With the Park Brake set, try to pull the truck forward testing each parking brake one at a time (the each parking brake should hold and not let the truck move).

Service Brake Test

  1. With the all parking brakes released and hands off the steering wheel, set the truck in motion 5 mph and apply the service (foot) brake firmly, (seeing if service brake works and if the steering wheel pulls left or right)

* For air brake vehicles, the following actions will constitute an automatic failure:

(1)    an air brakes leakage test while the engine is running,

(2)    failure to turn the ignition key to the "on" position for air brake bleed down test,

(3)    failure to release the parking brake for air leakage and bleed down test.


An applicant determined by an examiner to be cheating on any portion of an examination

(A) immediately forfeit the examination

(B) be given a failing score by the examiner

(C) be disqualified from retaking the examination for one week.

The official rules may be found in the CDL Manual and Official Department Public Safety Rules may be found Title 595 Chapter 11. Specific instructions will be given to you prior to your testing by the examiner.
If you have question about the official rules please contact the
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety CDL Help Desk

Source: Department of Public Safety rules Title 595 Chapter 11, Added at 26 Ok Reg 2749, eff 7-25-09; Amended at 28 Ok Reg 2161, eff 6-16-11 (emergency); Amended at 29 Ok Reg 510, eff 6-1-12], Title 49 - Transportation > CHAPTER III--FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION > PART 383

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