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Rent A Truck or Bus For Your
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Commercial Drivers License Test

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Our Class "A' is an
easy to drive
Freightliner FL70
semi with air brakes
and a
manual six speed
transmission for easy driving.


Our Class "B" is an
easy to drive
International box truck with a manual six speed
transmission with air brakes.

Our Bus is a Class "B" BlueBird with an
 automatic transmission and air brakes.

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 Basic Control Skills Test
  Pre-trip Performace Test
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CDL General Knowledge I*

CDL General Knowledge II*

CDL General Knowledge III*

CDL General Knowledge IV*

CDL General Knowledge V*

CDL General Knowledge VII*

CDL General Knowledge VII*

CDL General Knowledge VIII*

CDL General Knowledge IX*

CDL General Knowledge XI*

CDL General Knowledge XI*


Air Brakes Endorsement I*

Air Brakes Endorsement II*

Air Brakes Endorsement III*

 Air Brakes Endorsement IV*

Air Brakes Endorsement V*

Air Brakes Endorsement VI*


CDL Combination Vehicles I*

CDL Combination Vehicles II*

CDL Combination Vehicles III*


CDL Doubles and Triples I*

CDL Doubles and Triples II*

CDL Doubles and Triples III*


CDL Hazardous Materials I*

CDL Hazardous Materials II*

CDL Hazardous Materials III*

CDL Hazardous Materials IV*

CDL Hazardous Materials V*

CDL Hazardous Materials VI*

CDL Hazardous Materials VII*


CDL Tank Vehicles I*

CDL Tank Vehicles II*

CDL Tank Vehicles III*

CDL Tank Vehicles I V*

  CDL Transporting Cargo Safely

CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

CDL Pre-Trip Inspection II


CDL Passenger Test 1*

CDL Passenger Test 2*

CDL Passenger Test 3*

CDL Passenger Test 4*

CDL Passenger Test 5*

CDL Passenger Test 6*

CDL Passenger Test 7*


CDL School Bus Test 1

CDL School Bus Test 2


Oklahoma Driving Quiz
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Oklahoma Street Sign Game
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  Frequently Asked Question





  **Question from   The Truckers Report
  *Questions from Crist CDL Training Center

Drivers License

Once you have passed your written

 CDL Test or have your CDL permit.

Call the Department of Public Safety

 and schedule a drive test

(405) 425-2196 ,

 you will have to coordinate with us

 and make sure we have a truck

 available.  You may call us in advance

 to see what dates we have trucks


Our trucks and offices
are located next to he
Exam Site

So no need to have an
extra driver

Our Trucks are Guaranteed
to pass Pre-trip inspections

Insurance is provided at
no additional charge to you



The written examination administered for a commercial driver license shall consist of  a minimum of fifty (50) multiple-choice questions. In addition, the combination vehicle test administered for a Class A commercial driver license shall consist of a minimum of twenty (20) multiple-choice questions. The minimum passing score for each written examination shall be eighty percent (80%).

(2)    Endorsement or restriction examination. The minimum number of multiple-choice questions and the minimum passing score for each endorsement or restriction examination shall be as follows:
(A)    "P" passenger endorsement - 20 questions - 80% score
(B)    "H" hazardous materials endorsement - 30 questions - 80% score
(C)    "N" tank vehicle endorsement - 20 questions - 80% score
(D)    "M" motorcycle endorsement - 20 questions - 75% score
(E)    "S" school bus endorsement - 20 questions - 80% score
(F)    "T" double or triple trailers endorsement - 20 questions - 80% score
(G)    Air brakes - 25 questions - 80% score. Failure to pass at least 80% of the 25 questions regarding air brakes will result in a restriction code "L" (Vehicle Without Air Brakes) being placed on the applicant's license upon issuance. The applicant shall be prohibited from taking the skills examination in a vehicle with air brakes.
(c)    Alternate method of examination. The Department may provide an alternate method for the written examination for an applicant who cannot read or has a language barrier.
(d)    Retesting. An applicant failing the written examination may be granted the opportunity to retest on the next regular business day.
(e)    Discretionary examination. Any examination, as deemed necessary by the Department, may be administered by the Department as required for the establishment and authorization of a special endorsement or to permit the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

Department of Public Safety Rules Title 595 Chapter 11 Section 595: 3-6